vox, la fĂȘte recommence

la fĂȘte recommence
vox, compilation de malicorne, prĂ©lude Ă  la rĂ©Ă©dition chez boucherie productions [oĂč l'on peut Ă©galement se procurer la discographie du malicornien solo gabriel yacoub] d'albums du groupe culte des annĂ©es 70
le livret, c'est assez rare pour ĂȘtre soulignĂ©, est intelligemment informatif
pour chaque chanson, une note indique l'album dans lequel elle figurait ; son histoire quand elle a été adaptée d'une tradition ; son importance dans la carriÚre du groupe [voire sa place dans le cours des concerts] ; la raison des choix vocaux, instrumentaux, techniques...
la beauté des voix, la magie des mots, les captivantes mélodies suffiraient à expliquer l'aura que malicorne conserve aujourd'hui auprÚs d'amateurs et d'artistes comme stephan eicher
mais cet album nous fait redécouvrir l'apport précurseur du groupe dans le compagnonnage, inédit à l'époque, d'instruments anciens et modernes ; et l'impulsion rénovatrice qu'il a donnée à la technique a cappella
technique revenue au goût du jour d'aujourd'hui ; mais rarement abordée avec cette subtile et sensuelle sapience.
malicorne : vox, 1 cd boucherie productions 082300 - distr. wmd - 40 mn
février 1996

anne-marie pacotte - télérama
malicorne was created in 1973 by gabriel yacoub, joined by marie yacoub, laurent vercambre, and hughes de courson
unearthing some of france's finest jewels from its own traditional music, malicorne offered their remarkably fresh approach, and succeeded in bringing this music into the limelight at a time when french ears were tuning into america for inspiration
malicorne revived the magic of french folk music by integrating currently popular instruments with crumhorns, bagpipes, hurdy-gurdies, and mandocellos
their trademark however, was the originality of their stunning vocal arrangements, transforming well-chosen traditional and medieval ballads, through unusual and powerful voicings, into modern songs relevant to our times
the combination of these sounds with an innovative use of recording techniques, gave them the unique quality that led them to spearhead the international folk revival

their music still fascinates today

for ten years, malicorne's creativity not only captured the public's imagination worldwide, but that of music industry professionals and musicians alike, for whom malicorne was a great source of inspiration
committed to getting their music back on the market, boucherie productions' founder françois hadji-kazaro, of the popular rock group "les garçons bouchers", went as far as to make gabriel yacoub and malicorne top priorities on his independent label's agenda
these days, the french and international press have followed suit, recognizing malicorne as one of the most original and innovative members of the french music scene, going way beyond their "folk" label
malicorne toured throughout france and abroad [usa, canada, and europe], and sold over 700,000 records internationally
they were awarded three gold records as well as the coveted grand prix de l'académie du disque français
this quite surprised the french record industry that had always considered their success as "marginal"...
in the nineties, "folk" and "roots" styles have resurged under the new label of "world music"
once again, eyes are turned toward malicorne
the impressive scope of their career clearly places them among the leading precursors of this genre
in february 1996, boucherie productions [france] will release their four remaining yet un-reissued albums that have since become collector's items in vinyl record exchanges
also in store is the a cappella compilation including two previously unreleased tracks, entitled vox a tribute to their vocal talents that will without a doubt, became a classic

"the leaders of the french folk revival, malicorne had its greatest strengths in the voices of gabriel and marie yacoub, and in gabriel's penchant for experimental arrangements...
and if you like new music, or folk music, or any music, you owe it to yourself to check out "la blanche biche"...
it is one of the most arresting, foreboding folk song arrangements on record

john schaefer - new sounds [1987]
one of the best kept secrets in rock

malicorne is [as other reviewers have also observed] the best of the folk-rock movement of the 70's and 80's
vox is a collection of primarly vocal arrangements from the band's finest albums, and is a striking example of why the band is held in such high esteem
the arrangements are innovative, unusual, and always musical
who says the french don't rock?

retour album