on the air
sous les étoiles exactement by serge levaillant for france inter [french national radio], with hughes de courson
who's talking about a malicorne reunion?

broadcasted september 29tn, 2005
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voices & visions
nice pages on artists [in english]
[gabriel's page]
gabriel in spain
a review in spanish concerning the may 27th concert in valladolid and on gabriel's boxes

la nonchalante
la nonchalante, pariselles, new album released by le roseau last april had been praised by the french press:

produit par le trouvère gabriel yacoub, un joli disque de l'accordéoniste-chanteur emmanuel pariselle, où voisinent gaston couté et pierre perret, la prostituée de pigalle et le marinier du canal saint-martin, valses mutines et tendres goualantes
plus frais que rétro
philippe barbot, télérama

bravo !

and a nice review in n° 52 of chorus by bertrand dicale

a nice review on gabriel in fRoots magazine december's issue by guillaume veillet
malicorne | légende
the new version of the malicorne compilation had been released by le roseau and distributed by harmonia mundi, last april 28th
entire new tracklist, it is a brillant sample of the group's 2nd half of history [1978 - 1981]

mathias dubreuil's home page for guitar players
this personal site offers guitar chords and tablatures to some of gabriel's songs
it also allows every contributor to add to the collection, or correct possible mistakes
let's hope this will help and satisfy popular demand
another reward for je vois venir...
short, but nice review in télérama magazine by philippe barbot
[practise your french!]

[see updated press review]

coveted reward
je vois venir... had been rewarded choc by le monde de la musique magazine [n° 291 - october 2004]
review by bertrand dicale
[read it]

the boxes
pictures of gabriel's boxes can now be seen on these pages

symbols, traditions don't only make songs
little bits of life can also create poetry
provocation is near, chaos, a déflagration! but the artist is aware and never looses track
beautiful orchestration for this magic!

marie-odile andrade - artension