coveted reward
je vois venir... had been rewarded choc by le monde de la musique magazine [n° 291 - october 2004]
review by bertrand dicale
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the boxes
pictures of gabriel's boxes can now be seen on these pages

symbols, traditions don't only make songs
little bits of life can also create poetry
provocation is near, chaos, a déflagration! but the artist is aware and never looses track
beautiful orchestration for this magic!

marie-odile andrade - artension

2 yacoub classics in finnish
the finish folk-rock band tarujen saari just released an album, sota kirottu! [cursed be the war!], of anti-war songs
it features, among traditionnals, originals and adaptations, a version of le prince d'orange and of pierre de grenoble
ayverliss art
stéfane fauran, webmaster of these pages, and the staff at ayverliss communication created a user friendly software for designing websites, particularly aimed at music & art people
for a small monthly fee, a singer, a band, a theater or dance company, a label, is able, with no particular knowledge of required technics, to use a wonderful tool for communication and promotion
[to know more] about ayverliss art
french language
on the pages of the [bulletin du conseil francophone de la chanson], on can find some thoughts on the french language and of its perception by different artists such as:
michel buhler, sarcloret [switzerland], gilles vigneault, dan bigras, jo bocan [québec / canada], édith butler [acadie / canada], émeline michel [haïti], ray lema [zaire], ismaël lo, baaba maal [senegal], maurane, pascal charpentier [belgium], muriel moreno / niagara, patricia kaas & gabriel yacoub [france]
between head & clouds | the new site
find the pictures

chalut worked on the site
more images, rare documents, interviews, etc [under construction]

a site rich of images, archives [malicorne 1979!], clips, photos, concerts, poetry, etc
designed by robert chalut, an old friend of gabriel's

[entre tête & nuages]

for parisians and tourists
a place in town to hear or participate in trad music singing & playing
the quiet man
5 rue des haudriettes
75003 paris
+33 [0]1 48 04 02 77

monday night french trad songs workshop [contact hélène girard 01 47 00 83 61]
tuesday night irish songs workshop
wednesday night instrumental irish session [with vincent blin]
thursday night québecois songs session
friday & saturday night open session [info 01 48 04 02 77, evenings]
sunday french trad songs & others session [all singers welcome]

jean-pierre arnoux's album is here!
performed by drum & sax
jean-pierre arnoux electronic and acoustic percussion & jim cuomo - saxophones, clarinets, and midi-horn
all composed by jean-pierre arnoux & jim cuomo

to purchase the album:
send a cheque for 18 € [for france] or an international money order for 20 € [from everywhere else], to:
alpha bravo 19 avenue de la marne 03200 vichy, france
shipping is included

proceeds will go to the family
jean-pierre departed last july 4th
he had been a precious & constant partner of gabriel's on various projects for the last 25 years, as well as of many others
his talent, intelligence & spirit will remain a strong inspiration
between messier and yacoub
an article by emmanuel bing