3 new songs on myspace
[hear] at the café de la danse, paris, tuesday, may 27th
after [fanny]'s good idea, the visitors of these pages will be able to make their reservation for the concert at le café de la danse, may 27th, so they can find themselves together at the best seats, first row, or 15 first rows...
they also will benefit a symbolic "fair deal", avoiding the tax on ticket sales on the internet

how to:

send a check [25€ a ticket] to the order of sherpah productions
bp 33 - 78470 - saint rémy-lès-chevreuse

élodie will wait for you at the gate with your ticket

café de la danse
5 passage louis philippe 75011 paris | m° bastille

de la nature des choses
one can order gabriel yacoub' new album from [the store]
de la nature des choses
gabriel's new album was released april 24th 2008

7 long years since the last studio album

7 years of true stories, extraordinary adventures, joyful or dark, reflexion, observation, dayly chronicles, of love or ordinary wisdom

01 tout est là
02 le café de la fin du monde
03 il aurait dû
04 un des deux en l'air
05 souvenirs oubliés
06 le feu
07 un jour je me suis fait poète
08 la bougie
09 elle disait
10 héron
11 le nom des oiseaux
12 le bois mort
13 la belle anversoise
14 avant que de partir

gabriel yacoub, vovals, guitar, 5 string banjo, mandolin, dulcimer, autoharp, harmonica, sonic landscape, back up vocals
gilles chabenat, vielle à roue
yannick hardouin, piano, harmonium, bass, celesta, glockenspiel, back up vocals
bastien lucas, johan delvarre, kilian arzel, la bergère, back up vocals
nicolaïvan mingot, electric guitar
julien biget, guitar, mandolin, glockenspiel, back up vocals
gildas arzel, guitar, dobro, mandolin, harmonica, pedal steel guitar, back up vocals
frédéric paris, clarinet
yannick cluseau, percussion
christophe pereira, trumpet, bugle
pierre flandin, trumpett, bugle
philippe chadel, trombone
vincent bellier, bass trombone, tuba, saxhorn

de la nature des choses [listen to audio samples] mp3 format

happy new year
i'm glad to catch you on this very first day of the new year
i wish you all that it'll gratify you with the best of all your hopes

over here life is rather beautiful, despite a few worries concerning the plans that some of our politicians are getting ready for us and the surprising reforms that happen every day

my friend gildas has an eloquent metaphor on the subject:

if you throw a frog in boiling water, it will escape immediately, subsequenty saving it's life, but if you put it in cold water that you slowly bring to the boil, it will slowly cook without making any fuss

let's stay alert!

our dear projects for the year to come are the rebirth of les plantes in spring and the new album at the same time

my love to you all


the simple things we said
one can hear the superb rendition of gabriel's song les choses les plus simples by the late and sadly missed dave van ronk on [gabriel yacoub' myspace]
inteview and la complainte du coureur de bois [19 | 08 | 2007]
on tlc, local television in chateauroux [indre]
[see & hear]

la polonaise
gabriel produced la compagnie montanaro's new album
le roseau [ros 109] distributed by harmonia mundila polonaise – cd songs…
produced by gabriel yacoub
la polonaise – dvd … & visual poems
videos shot in poland by györgy Laszlo

The songs of la polonaise describe the landscapes of poland, the forests and the lakes, the town of katowice, what one sees from the window on a train, the rumours of the streets, the heat in the homes
these songs also describe inner landscapes, feelings, surges, restraints, feeding a shared but impossible love
la polonaise unveils a rare aspect of miquéu montanaro’s art, writer, composer and singer, for a sensitive and fine work, wonderfully served by sylvie berger, la bergère’s unique vocals, and the production work of alchemist gabriel yacoub

la compagnie montanaro :
sylvie berger: vocals
yannick hardouin: piano, bass, arrangements
françois heim: diatonic accordion
daniel malavergne: tubas
miquèu montanaro: vocals, whistles, chromatic accordion
frédéric paris: clarinet
beata stefaniac: vox on the phone
gabriel yacoub: vocals, sonic landscapes

[more info]
gabriel's boxes
next exhibition, thevet-saint-julien, fr [36]
rencontres des arts august 10th to 12th, 2007
several places in the village
opening friday 10th, 7pm
friday to sunday 11am to 8pm

contact : musée des racines
[more info]
fi de l'eau
la bergère's new album had been released
harmonia mundi distribution

she will perform 5 concerts at l'espace jemmapes
january 23rd to 27th 2007
espace jemmapes
116, quai de jemmapes
75010 paris
+33 [0]1 48031109
métro jacques bonsergent / gare de l'est