happy new year
let's burn the old one and celebrate the new
love and peace to all

release of the new ambrozijn | concert
gabriel produced the last album
tuesday february 7th in gent
be there!
distribution in the united kingdom
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another nice cover of "les choses les plus simples"
gabriel's song had been recorded by english singer june tabor and released on her last album:
at the wood's heart
topic tscd557

all malicorne albums are available again at [the store] and at the good record stores around the world

[marie de malicorne]
[balançoire en feu]
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[l'extraordinaire tour de france...]
plus... gabriel & marie yacoub [pierre de grenoble]

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an interview with gabriel yacoub
on 2 sites devoted to gothic culture
[la bibliothèque du cénacle]

the new album is magnificent!
to be released february 2006
marie de malicorne
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ROS 105 distribution harmonia mundi
fonds de tiroir 1967
le roseau is proud and glad to announce the re-release of the magnificent fonds de tiroir 1967 by hughes de courson & patrick modiano
the album is made of lyrics by patrick modiano on music by hughes de courson [malicorne]
bitter songs, strange characters, daring and fresh arrangements
it also is bruno coulais's very first work as an arranger

in 1979 [the year modiano obtains the prix goncourt, france's utimate litterature prize], the album is released with no succes at all...
since then, fonds de tiroir 1967 became a cult album for numerous artists such as françois hadji lazaro, arthur h, françoise hardy, m, dick annegarn, gabriel yacoub and many others...

release november 7th 2005
ROS 106 - distribution harmonia mundi