the gang | dylan
dylan thomas
a child's christmas in wales
illustrated by edward ardizzone

the gang | dieter
je crois surtout que mes histoires témoignent d'un certain mal de vivre qui refuse la vie telle quelle et qui donne aux petits évènements quotidiens une toute autre dimension
c'est cela qui rejoint le fantastique, l'autre côté du miroir
l'image commune de la vie ne me suffit pas. j'essaye de porter un autre regard sur la réalité. à partir de là, le petit fait insignifiant peut faire basculer dans le fantastique. dès le moment où vous commencez à être éveillé à ce regard, vous parvenez à déceler une foule d'aventures
didier comès

the gang | jacky
like curdled milk
the sour song of the bagpipe
breaks deep into the throat

and the tune that you play
amuses me and
feels me up with wonders
in a fresh & revolutionary spot
situated between my 2 ears!

jacques paris

the gang | woody
he's been a master for lots of mine
i learned a lot from woody guthrie
i would recommend his autobiographical "bound for glory"

robert graves
the last post

the bugler sent a call of high romance—
“lights out! lights out!” to the deserted square
on the thin brazen notes he threw a prayer,
“god, if it’s this for me next time in france…
o spare the phantom bugle as i lie
dead in the gas and smoke and roar of guns,
dead in a row with the other broken ones
lying so stiff and still under the sky,
jolly young fusiliers too good to die

fairies and fusiliers, 1918
the gang | the chiefs
here there and everywhere

to lead a better life i need my love to be here
here making each day of the year
changing my life with a wave of her hand
nobody can deny that there’s something there
there running my hands through her hair
both of us thinking how good it can be
someone in speaking but she doesn’t know he’s there

i want her ev’rywhere and if she’s beside me i know I need never care
but to love her is to meet her ev’rywhere

knowing that my love is to share
each one believing that love never dies
watching her eyes and hoping i’m always there
to be there and ev’rywhere
here there and ev’rywhere

the gang | johnny
johnny cunningham + [1957-2003]
it's no fun!

joseph cornell
american sculptor, joseph cornell was a pioneer of assemblage
he had no formal training and began painting during the depression, having his first exhibition in new york in 1932
while cornell is considered by most to be a sculptor, he also pursued painting and filmmaking
cornell was most well known for his highly distinctive, yet simple boxes with glass fronts
in these boxes he arranged various photographic images employing the surrealist technique of irrational juxtaposition of objects to evoke nostalgia with fragments of once precious objects
while the positioning of cornell’s work seemed to be surrealistic, the precision and craft were high

the gang | nico
a magician
for almost twenty years, he's been the one who illuminated my music with incredible sounds with a rare sense of space for which i envy him


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