who's that big boy walking with gabriel?
[merci gilles]

the gang | alain's no more
my love to chloé

léon delachaux

the gang | wilma elizabeth mcdaniel
apparitions of my father, 1887-1946

he doesn't come to me on
sundays in his good serge suit
and black string tie, piously
carrying a bible, never

but put me in a saturday town
of khaki men with southwest
faces and rich slow tongues

and he will blow around the corner
on a prince albert wind, live like cherokee
blue-glass, as in scotch, eyes
carrying a little poke of candy
maybe jellybeans

spot me with no trouble
smile as he did last time
and say sister,
you wanna go eat a bowl
of chili at poor boy's café

and I will get up from the bench
in front of j. c. penney's
and go to meet him
as I always do


the gang | karl zéro
a big fan
we'll soon post a video of an interview with gabriel
in the meantime:

the gang | michel rivard
[hilarious video]

the gang | centre de la chanson

the gang | arthur
[a tribute to arthur rackham]

[mélanie touzet 57 ans garde-barrière & louise biaud 74 ans aubergiste, ancienne servante de george sand enregistrées le 29 juin 1913 à nohant]


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