marseille le soir
les cafés de marseille
sont plus beaux que le port
les marins s'y asseyent
dans des carosses d'or

ou bien sur leurs Ă©paules
déchargent des bateaux
pleins des glaces du pĂ´le
de fruits et de gateaux

jean cocteau [1920]

the gang | seignolle
claude seignolle honors me with his friendship
we communicate regularly
he is my witchcraft master!

[marie la louve]
[les forces noires]

[claude seignolle official site]

the gang | paul
paul brady
our ways are very similar
inspiration, respect
one of the best singers of this generation


the gang | andy
andy irvine, an old & precious friend
generous site, full of info


a quiet and peaceful vision, signed eichenberger [if i read well!]
oil on wood 21 x 27

found at les compagnons d'emmaĂĽs, a charity store in saint amand montrond [18]

hanged over my bed head

the original carter family
a great inspiration, for the vocal polyphonies, the repertoire, the autoharp...
an institution in north american traditional music
maybelle, sara & a.p. [alvin pleasant] carter are part of my family

the inspired german label bear family records published a wonderful 12 cd / book box set, relating the family's saga, with numerous great quality documents, under the title: in the shadow of the clinch mountain
it's a very complete collection of the family's work, recordings and interviews, between august 1929 & october 1941

[the original carter family / in the shadow of the clinch mountain]

the gang | martin
martin carthy the first 60 years

sunday 20th may, 2001
gabriel was invited by his friend martin carthy to celebrate his 60th birthday at a concert in the oxford apollo theater
tributes and reminiscences from all the great names of british folk & folk-rock:
fairport convention, martin carthy, leon rosselson, roy bailey, john kirkpatrick, dave swarbrick, ashley hutchings, maddy prior & rick kemp, steeleye span, gabriel yacoub, bampton morris, brass monkey, tom robinson, waterson:carthy, ralph mc tell

this was organized by neil wayne, free reed records & music, who published "a carthy chronicle", a complete summary of martin's carrer to celebrate the event
it says:
... another famous american visiting martin in 1964 was paul simon. simon moved into carthy’s old flat at 184 haverstock hill, and martin helped him put a hard-top on his sunbeam alpine. he even taught him his celebrated guitar arrangement of the traditional song "scarborough fair". a very similar arrangement, augmented by paul's added "canticle" counterpoint melody, turned up on the hit simon & garfunkel album "parsley, sage, rosemary & thyme. no real problem, except composition of the song was also attributed to simon & garfunkel. though copyright and attribution was soon sorted out by the legal boys, martin's and paul's careers drifted apart, and the two didn’t meet again for 35 years. then in october, 2000 [as a result of neil wayne's invitation to paul simon to send a few reminiscences for the carthy chronicles box set], simon suddenly rang carthy out of the blue
as reconciliations go, it was pretty spectacular. for shortly afterwards, the old rivals celebrated their reunion with a hug at the end of an emotional duet of "scarborough fair" - what else? - during simon’s final concert at london’s hammersmith apollo. “it meant a lot that he picked up the phone,” said carthy. “i feel a weight has been lifted off both our shoulders.” the tale's more fully told elsewhere in the companion book to "the carthy chronicles" - and their epic duet can now exclusively be heard, thanks to paul, on this companion web-site

[paul introducing martin]
["scarborough fair" by martin carthy & paul simon]

the gang | mike & lal
mike & lal waterson bright phoebus

one of my favorites
these songs have been haunting my soul since i heard them first

I miss lal's sad smile

child among the weeds
fine horseman
never the same
the scarecrow
winifer odd
red wine & promises

the gang | long john
east of eden
published in 1952, [year of my birth] east of eden was, according to steinbeck, a "story of his country and the story of himself"

john steinbeck, 1902 | 1968 +


the gang | gaston
gaston said...

old duffers, we think they'll never die
crackpots dressed up for a sunday
bow before the shrines
of their league of patriots:
scribblers of my ass
with ambiguous mellowdramas
or romances for whorehouses
sing us this horrible thing:
gaston couté
1880 | 1911 +



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