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claude seignolle
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le grand et le petit albert
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merci christiane

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rue des maléfices
jacques yonnet
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merci christophe

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pages [in french] about james taylor

how dare they!!!

boombal is een echte hype, folkdans is weer hip en wordt in heel belgië en nu ook in nederland, door mensen van alle leeftijden ontdekt
"boombal garandeert een avondje ongekend dansplezier voor jong en oud: je danst in groep of in koppel op stevige live folkmuziek"
de dansers leven zich uit in cirkels, in rijen, volgen mekaar in lange kettingen, staan tegenover mekaar, dansen per twee... op walsen, polka's, andro's, jigs, scottisch, bourrées, mazurka's, enz...
zowat overal worden tegenwoordig boombals georganiseerd, op 4 à 5 plaatsen per week
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moving pictures
2 bits of rotten clips by 2 artists i mostly admire for the longer time:
"3 king fishers" by donovan, with shawn phillips on sitar and a curious pete seeger...
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"steel eyes" by shawn phillips
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courtesy of early morning hours - the shawn phillips website
the gang | john fahey
l'ultime album du regretté john fahey, red cross disciple of christ today

pour se décrasser les oreilles :
dock boggs was a singer and banjo player who sounded as if his bones were coming through his skin every time he opened his mouth
in the mountains of eastern kentucky | western virginia in the 1920s he forged a highly personal music of such singular intensity it retains the power to shock seventy plus years after it was recorded

courtesy of &
a verse of "words" opening american writer gerald w. hankins' page
we received this
thank you marja

the gang | waterson : carthy | martin
a bit of [good] music
my beautiful long time friends
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hope there's someone
a voice from mars

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